COVID-19 And Business Disruption
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Legal Disruptions Can Be Managed

Millstein & Associates is skilled at providing both advice and creative litigation solutions for business facing distressing circumstances. For example, Millstein & Associates has defended clients in adversarial actions for fraudulent transfers including obtaining full indemnification for its client by his business partners.

Likewise, Millstein & Associates has used targeted litigation to engineer the buyout of a joint venture by a medical group partnered with a national hospital chain at a favorable purchase price. We have also represented clients in dissolution actions including the exercise of the majority shareholder’s buyout option under California’s version of the uniform LLC act.

Further, Millstein & Associates has represented numerous clients in litigation instituted by or against public entities which often arise at times of acute economic distress including but not limited to, California Department of Education, California Department of Gaming Control, the City of San Francisco, and Alameda County in relation to public-private contracting, various regulatory schemes, and licensing issues.

Lastly, in times of distress, it is incredibly important for businesses to be able to collect on their debts. Our firm has been able to obtain the return of illegally removed assets by tenants on behalf of landlords, past-due accounts on behalf of food and beverage clients, as well as funds owed to players’ banking table games in regulated California Card Rooms.

Regardless of the legal issues facing your business, Millstein & Associatesis well placed to guide you through troubled times.